Maribor WC DH Video (Sam Hill's run)


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so what the hell is wrong with american dhers that the best we could manage was 24th?

Hopefully Kyle Strait will focus less on freeriding and more on DH racing this year. If he committed himself, practiced, and focused on racing, he'd be there in the top 10. JD Swanguen did pretty well for his first-ever world cup, with 27th. Not bad for a kid who's 19 and has A LOT of racing ahead of him.

We may not produce the riders, but 8 of the top 10 in that race are riding American designed and made bikes... ;)


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he was riding ergon's

No, I'm pretty sure those are Funn grips, just in a custom green color to match his bike.

3 seconds is an eternity in World Cup DH racing. It's going to be a long season for everyone else. Funny how it's Sam Hill 3 seconds ahead, then the rest of the top ten all clustered tenths of seconds apart after that...


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It's from all the free Monster he gets to drink!!

I'd like to think that Sam has actually discovered a cohesive way to unite quantum mechanics with Einsteinian relativity in a way that doesn't depend on unobservable string theory, and in doing so, he's discovered ways to manipulate the space-time continuum. But yeah- it could just be the Monster.


You notice how he rides? It is such a weird stance but it is obviously fast. He is so far back on the bike with his heels dropped on the pedals. It's like an attack position, head low, elbows out but from behind the bike. He just looks different than everybody else on the bike.

And 3 seconds on a perfectly dry fast track is a huge gap. I feel sorry for everybody when they get a wet track. We may see another 8 second gap. I'm still a big Steve Peat fan though. Smart and consistent no matter the track.


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guinness = baby stout.

once the novelty of guinness wears off and you're ready to step up to a real man stout, go get yourself some yeti or brooklyn black chocolate.


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Guiness is shutting down and laying off most of its employees. Agree with Sean, Brooklyn Chocolate. Drink it sitting down and in a comfy chair because you wont be getting up after a beer or eight.
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