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New Ramapo Map

Hi everyone,

Ramapo is in my back yard and I thought it would be fun to map the marked trails using my GPS. This little project has made Ramapo one of my favorite places to ride. I hope it helps others enjoy all this place has to offer. It’s a work in progress so please let me know if I missed anything. Enjoy!

PS: Props to elzoller for the map he created in 07….without it I never would have discovered Ramapo.

High Resolution image:

High Resolution PDF:

If the link doesn't work for you PM me.

Map Version 4/10


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Manny, that is awesome. When did you get a GPS? Now you just have to do all of the trails to the North and Ringwood ;)


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Nice map. I appreciate the effort. I grew up just off the map to the left. I know the area well.


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That's is a nice ride - good mix of terrain/challenges.

Anyone know what happened to Stevens? Lake - met someone on trails back there that said land was sold for development which would cut through some of the unmarked/quad trails back there.

Of course that was before our o-so-stable real estate values were peaking.


I usually park at upper parking lot when I hike with my weiner doggie. On the maps I see a lot of trails, but when I go there I see only hiking trails- do I miss something?

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