Making a Park Tool BT3

Jim Richardson

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This is a near indispensable bending tool that is no longer in production. Like an ebike, I didn't know what I was missing until I used one. When available on eBay they command high prices for what is basically a flat piece of steel in plastic dip.
I have a piece from a crapped out Thule rack that I will try to create a new BT3.
Anyone here use this tool?



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if you trace that in the other direction.....
improve by making it a bit longer?

fire up the plasma cutter !!!

Karate Monkey

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Adjustable wrench.
Jaws get stuck against the small chainring(s) when bending towards the centerline of the bike.

I've used them extensively, but with the advent of super-thick, spiderless chainrings, the tool is pretty much defunct. IF you bend one, it'll probably snap trying to true it.

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if you trace that in the other direction.....
improve by making it a bit longer?

fire up the plasma cutter !!!
Plasma cutter bleh! :p
@Jim Richardson, I may know someone with a waterjet cutter that may be talked into cutting one out for you.
I would just need to know the thickness of the material, the opening dimension and a basic length.
I've never used one but would think you would want to harden the end a bit so it doesn't bend open on you.

one piece crank

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I've only used crescent wrenches for brake toe-in, even when that tool was sitting on the bench. I even have a small crescent, maybe 3-inches long, dedicated for brake rotors. My favorite of all time was what we affectionately referred to as the brass johnson, but 99% of the time is was also used for straightening, NOT brake toe-in - it looked like this:

For straightening work I use a hammer and dolly, or typically a pair of ball-peen hammers. I was lucky enought to have been taught this technique my first year at a bike shop, and have used it extensively for over 30 years!


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I was lucky to buy a full lot tool selection of a bike shop going out of business. I wanted a truing set and got a lot more. This was in there.


Though I did loath the morningstar bender which I think @Kirt has handy.
That is probably worth more.