Mahlon Weekend Ride?



Anyone up for a ride here either Saturday mid-morning or Sunday early? Does anyone have a suggestion as to which trail(s) to ride here?
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i can't reccomend a route there, but, mahlon dickerson is a fun place to ride, especially if you can convince ytc100 or stan le cupp to lead the way. i have been doing some afterwork rides there recently, parked at saffins pond, and crossed the road. i've been exploring some of the trails in hopes of replicating some of the past rides that were lead by others.
I could lead a Mahlon ride Tomorrow if it's not raining.I'd like to start around 8:00am though before it gets too hot.Let me know if anyone is interested.
Tomorrow at 8:00 sounds good. Where do I park? The directions found on this site lead me to Weldon Road, either by the lake or ball field?
Great! I'll meet you in the Saffin pond parking lots off weldon rd at 8:00am.

Directions: Just take RT 15 north to Weldon rd exit.Bear right on Weldon road.1-2 miles parking lot on right.

See you there. I'm in a white toyota with a black bike on trunk rack.
hey alex, how long are you going to ride? if you're going at 8:00, i may be able to tag along.

i haven't ridden here yet, so i'd love to go..
Hey jake

You should try to make it. I was planning on about around 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hr ride.There's a couple of chance's to bail while still getting a good ride in if you run out of time.
Steve-Trails were in good shape today .Was a fun ride.

MCAWVA the ride was today (Sat).Too bad you missed it.Maybe catch you next time.

Joan-Good riding with you. Glad we got out early, not too hot.:)
Alex- good riding with you too. I had a lot of fun and actually, I went to look at bikes a bit, in the afternoon..hehe.. Watch out I may get a new one and become super speedy demon fast.

I hope to ride there again SOON, great place -great tour..
Good luck bike shopping.Look out for some discounts on 06's soon.Might get a nice deal on one.:)
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