Mahlon this morning 1/4


We rode Mahlon this morning about 9:00am . There's still plenty of snow on the ground , a few inches and not alot of tracks to follow but plenty of hikers who have nicely packed the snow down.

It was 22 degrees at 9am and it was our first official winter/snow ride. We were mostly prepared but I think I'd like to consider the "lobster " style gloves for the next ride at these temps.Toes were a tad cold, but as I told a group of guys we stopped to talk to on our way out , there's no way I was gonna slip a pair of winter shoes past my wife after having bought a FS bike and all sorts of accesories this past spring.He was wearing the Lake shoes and said he loves them.

We decided to only do half our usual ride since it was so cold, we rode up the road about 50ft and dropped into the woods and took that trail out to the connection just past the Hedley Overlook . The initial trail was mostly a combination of loose packed leaves and snow. I was very surprised at the traction I had with my tires on the snow, MUCH better than what I expected.

I was excited to be the one to lay fresh tracks ( at least since this light snow ) on the Wall Re-Route. I find sections of the re-route to be pretty tough/technical . With the packed leaves and snow it was the easiest ride I've had so far on the re-route !

We decided to skip Stonegate, it also looks like it hasnt been ridden since this recent light snowfall. Instead we rode Devils Staircase, LOADS of fun. again the combination of packed leaves and snow made for a great base to ride on.
The lower section of the Staircase was almost all ice and very sketchy , but passable.

Lots of fun for our first snow ride, I need a better pair of gloves and shoes. All in good time.

Props to Jeromy from High Gear who hooked me up with a Gore Wind jacket on Friday ( all winter gear is 20% off ) . I had doubts about how warm this would keep me. I wore a long sleeve under armour shirt today , the heavy weight winter style with the jacket on top . Warm ! I can't believe something so thin could keep ya so warm .
It's all about blocking that wind !!!!!


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Cool. I've been a lazy ass lately...'really need to get up to MD...

One thing that the leaves/snow teaches you is that a lot of technical difficulty is in your head. Suddenly, when it is tougher to see rocks and other small obstacles, it gets easier. Sure, a lot of snow smooths it out...but that isn't the case up at MD right now. If you could ride it easily today, you can ride it easily, and faster, when the snow/leaves are gone.

Rock gardens and I used to *never* get a long. But one leafy day I flew through a rock garden I used to have trouble with and realized after what I had done. From that day forward, I started having less and less issue with the rock gardens up there. We still don't love each other, but at least now we don't avoid each other like the plague :D

Throw chemical toe warmers in your shoes...they'll get you by.
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