Mahlon+, Sunday 4/1, 9am

alright, it was me and fred. distance and climbing got cut a bit to try and beat the rain. several of the wma trails were considerably muddy, including the one leading to snowbowl from the back side. fred did really well, considering how technical the trails i took him on were. only two crashes i think. both on really difficult sections. lots of riders out today, and the trails we hit in mahlon were in great shape. descending snowbowl was a blast. the driest, firmest line right now also happens to be one of the straightest ones... turns out the amount of climbing, even though i reduced it, was on par with all-a-muchy. one of these days i'm gonna head out and hit all 8 major climbs on that side of berkshire valleyin a big loop. there are technically 16, but if i want to do it in a loop... thoe 8 climbs alone would account for about 4,000ft of elevation gain in about, or less than 20 miles, and not including the elevation change in between them.
great trails reeeaally technical descents. adding the wma in, there is more climbing to be had from mahlon, without crossing rds, than there is at allamuchy.
Lots of fun today. i fet good for the first two hours or so. The last hour was filled with some ups and downs. But it was my favorite part of the ride. Techy and flowy. I dont think i have seen desecents as technical as the ones sean took me on today. I learned a bunch on taking good lines and not braking to much up front.

I did crash twice but like sean said, they were pretty technical sections. Hopefully we can get out there more often. THANKS SEAN!
great trails reeeaally technical descents. adding the wma in, there is more climbing to be had from mahlon, without crossing rds, than there is at allamuchy.

Check these links out. They are historical USGS maps of the Mahlon Area...


Between the two, they show the Mahlon Region along with some old roads that use to run through there down to Berkshire Valley Road. Pretty cool.
wow, cool maps! thanks joe! several, but not all of the roads it shows in the wma are still for some reason on rand mcnally maps, including the most technical descent of the day...
What did Weldon Brook WMA look like? Any major evidence of atv on the trail from the power lines down to Saffins Pond?

That's a hell of a loop by the way.
90% of the traffic on those trails are atv's. they weren't really in bad shape though because of it, imo. there was only one big puddle that they widened that i can recall.
I might be able to juggle my training this week for a hill day. Let me know what's up. I also may have a day off this week, besides Friday, how's you schedule ? Next Saturday I have a long road schedule so I'm out for Easter weekend.
let me check at work today and see what day(s) i have off for the holiday. i would take a sick day and do it if it didin't require a few short rd sections. can't exactly be seen riding around town if i'm 'too sick to work'....
nocando before friday. we could do it the next weekend if you're available, or possibly during the week. i might just go ride the route solo on friday to scout out the trail conditions, and so that you know ahead of time what you're in for.
Friday wouldn't work for this week. I've got a loonngg road ride planned. Call me , or I you...
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