Mahlon Dickson - July 4th


A strong 7
May ride MD tomorrow early in the AM, but have never been there before. Any advice on which trails?
park at saffins pond, if you are looking at weldon road from the parking lot, there is a trail head across weldon road to the left of the parking lot. Its the only entrance over there, fire road for 1/2 mile or so then you get to a fork, i made a left and there was some good riding, but i hear that may be private property, you may want to try making a right. If you make the left you will be up by power lines......
I may ride later in the day at Saffins Pond...... I cant ride in the morning but depending on my day i may head over there after my parents house at 5pm. If you end up going later let me know. Also if anyone else wants to ride tomorrow at Malhon Dickerson let me know, I cant say it's definite though, who knows what my girlfriend has up her sleeve.
Did you make it out there? I wish I could have gone but I had a big site upgrade to complete for another project I work on. How were the bugs?
I got to MD around 6:30 I did not realize that the preserve is that big (3000 acres), and that there are six different entrances :shock: . I tooled around the pond for a bit (bugs weren't tooo bad), but didn't want to get too far in by myself. It would be great to coordinate a ride with someone familiar with trails.

Wound up heading back to Kittatiny to get in some more riding in; trail conditions were phenomenal!
I know the trails there fairly well.... Or I have atleast an idea so that its not likely to get lost. :) We will have to meet up and go one weekend. Maybe then you can show me kittatiny, i have never been there.
Sounds like a plan - let me kow when youa re going. I usually hit Kittatiny after work for a quickie, so I will keep you posted.
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