Mahlon Dickerson


A strong 7
This place is huge. I was at Saffins Pond yesterday, but could not replicate some of the (guided) rides i did in the past. I heard that there are some great trails by the school. Can someone post a reccomended route?
I just went there today for the first time. I took the yellow trail (clock-wise direction) it will take you on a big loop around the reservation. Some pretty nice hills and some very technical downhills......lots of rocks......

I will try another trail next time, but the yellow gave me a good perspective on the park.
Mahlon Dickerson is awesome! You can put together some huge rides there if you plan it just right. Steve, next weekend?
smarencik said:
sounds good - i would say either late afternoon on saturday or early am on sunday

I'm down with the later afternoon on Saturday.
smarencik said:
stating the obvious, but no ride for me today.

Yeah this weather blows! I wonder how the moochy race is going. That's gotta be a HUGE mess!
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