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yeah its also great b/c Headley Overlook is on the Highlands Trail where mountain biking is not allowed. :rolleyes:


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you're allowed to ride up to headley overlook. the highlands trail frequently uses multiuse trails to connect hiking only sections. the picture of a mtn biker in the official mahlon map/brochure is taken on headley overlook, heading for the singletrack, so i wouldn't worry too much about it. the no helmets bit is questionable, as there are some slightly rougher sections between there and weldon rd. on the rail bed, whatever.


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ironically, i think i saw the guy on the right at kvsp last week when i was riding with brad.


You can't ride up to the overlook? That decent/rock step section to the yellow is one of my fave parts of MD!


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Nope, it is part of the Highlands Trail. Arothar says you can go to the Overlook and back on the double track, but you are not supposed to continue on beyond that point.
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