Mahlon Dickerson TM?


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Smarencik got me thinking about TM with his post on KVSP. Who does the TM at MD? Is it the Morris Trails Partnership? I only see TM being done by them at LM. Someone is doing work at MD, and I would like to get involved by helping out since this park is in my area.
Maintenance Dept.

Brad, there is work done by hired maintenance. Unfortunately that usually means that newly fallen trees w/ nice log overs end up getting cut out. Something about being able to drive thru most of the trails I believe. There may be a JORBA chapter getting set up for Mahlon. I'm sure we'll here about it.... Stay tuned.

If anything does develop please post some information here, I would definitely be interested in helping, and rarely check the other website. I will keep an eye on the JORBA site as well.
Hi guys, thanks for asking!

Here is the situation with Morris Co Parks in general. The Morris Trails Partnership covers them all. However with all volunteer organizations, they are strapped thin and they focus on Lewis Morris and Pyramid Mountain currently. Thus, the Tourne and Mahlon are not as frequently maintained simply due to lack of man power. This will change as JORBA and MTP grows, but this is the honest to goodness reality today (sorry as I am to admit it). We do the best we can with the resource we have.

However all is not lost... recently I helped recruit someone to adopt some trails in the Tourne. There is no reason why we cannot repreat this trend at Mahlon. What ends up happening is this: you apply, and once accepted, you are officially sanctioned as a Steward of a Trail and you have a certain minimum number of hours to fulfill each year and you get to work on the trails. Ryan and Jason have stepped forward to maintain 2 trails at the Tourne. Basically they act as a psuedo-JORBA chapter but without my meddling in the day to day ;)

If anyone out there wants to do something similar at Mahlon Dickerson, please contact me. I can get Adopt A Trail information to you and we can discuss what you can commit to as far as maintenance. I'll get you in touch with the Adopt a Trail Coordinator and we can get the process going. Once she accepts the application, you'd basically be responsible for getting a crew to work the trails at your convenience. You can do them formally (a crew), or ad-hoc (whenever your whim strike you). JORBA will support your efforts here by getting the word out and working with our contacts within the parks to faciliate your efforts.

Simple as that! Let me know.
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You don't happen to have a log splitter do you?

I just had some trees removed and need to split a bunch of logs.
Thanks, but I think I will rent a log splitter from a place in Andover, there is a decent amount of wood to split.

Getting back on topic:

I will keep you posted on any information that I get.
I'm going to get back to Brad in a few days on this... feel free to ping me if I get sidetracked. PM me, or bump the thread, if I slack off and don't follow thru here! :) (I up to the teets with IMBA TCC stuff and work at the moment)

Thanks guys.

I've spoken to Janet McMillan who oversees the Volunteer Adopt a Trail program at Mahlon, Tourne and Lewis Morris (and all other Morris Co Parks) and she'd like to get your contact information for this.

If you contacted me before about doing TM in Mahlon Dickerson, please send me your address and email details so I can forward this along to Janet and get the ball rolling.

If you guys want to adopt a single trail, or more than one as a single person or as a group you can do it any way you wish. There as some minimums that you have to commit to but chances are these are below the minimums you plan on doing or are informally doing now.

There is also an orientation next April that you should plan on attending as well:

You can PM me here or email me at mergs jorba org

Thanks for your help!
guys, (steve, brad, sean)

I've notified Janet of AAT about your proposed intentions and passed along your your contact information. you should get some information in the mail to help you decide on what you can commit to and how you want to handle this...

in any case, there is an orientation you should pencil in now:

If you need any guidance on how to proceed, drop me a line... meantime, I'll give you a chance to review the materials and I'll check back with you all later this year.
Thanks! :)

I guess we will check back when it get s closer for a location and time.

We have thought of some great names for our group.
Sparta Brad said:
Thanks! :)

I guess we will check back when it get s closer for a location and time.

We have thought of some great names for our group.

yep! thanks fellas.
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