Mahlon Dickerson TM: August 2


A strong 7
Time: 8:00AM
Meeting Location: Tent Camping Area
Duration: Approximately 4 hours

We will be working with the Morris County Parks Commission on the 3rd installment of the "Wall" re-route. Please wear a sturdy pair of work shoes, bring a snack, drink and good sense of humor. We may also get in a post-TM ride. "Pay Dirt" points will be in effect for this session.


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That's right! That is what I was doing on August 2nd. I was just asking Mrs. Sparta Brad what we had planned for the 2nd. She said nothing so I am in.


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I'm thinking of joining you on Saturday. My 12 year old daughter is interested in joining the fun as well; would that be worthwhile or a waste of time?


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Awesome, thanks! Personally, I think it is great that you want to get your daughter out there. My feeling is you can never start too young:


I will float this by the MCPC rep, to make sure there are no liability issues, and will contact you only if there IS a problem.



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If weather is questionable, I will call Duncan in the AM to confirm, and will post only if it is canceled.
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