Mahlon Dickerson Sunday 11/5 8:30



North Jersey Mountain Bike Club Ride........It`s been a while for this place guys. Ride leaves from Paramus at 7:15 and the ride starts 8:30 Route 80 W to route 15 North to Weldon Road. Parking area is about 3 miles off route 15 and is located at Saffin Pond. ... Intermediate to advanced ride.
Questions? Call Doug, 201-214-2004
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A strong 7
ddpro - moved this to a more appropriate location for you! :cool:

Norm - you may be able to do MD after all...


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Probably going to pass for Sunday, or maybe try to get in a cold weather road ride to see how ytc's gloves work.
I should see you there..

Sounds good. Silver Nissan Frontier. I also know the place like the back of my hand and can certainly offer up some surprises if you want ( if it's been awhile then I'm sure you'll be smiling). How many miles/time are you doing?
See you there..

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