Mahlamuchy Epic Overnighter!


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Mahlakittamuchy Epic Overnighter!

Camping, Two days of epic riding, KVSP, Mahlon Dickerson, Allamuchy, Adventure

what more could you want?

rain date May 17th-18th.

Saturday, May 17th- Meet Tranquility side of Allamuchy(location tbd) at 9am. ride up into Mooch, over and down to the rail bed. take that to KVSP for a loop, then out the backdoor to the Lackawana cutoff. through the tunnel and onto some quad trails all the way to Mahlon. anyone from fridays group that can't stay out saturday night can bail back to their vehicles fairly easily from the lackawanna cutoff. get to camp, get something to eat and drink, then the option for a loop in mahlon. this will be the longest day, totalling somewhere between 40-55 miles. we'll have all day to do it though, so don't worry. you will need some form of a light for the tunnel on the lackawana cutoff. a small led, or even a mini maglight will more than suffice. no need to carry a heavy lighting system.

Sunday, May 18th- Pack up and leave Mahlon by 9:30am. we will potentially make two groups at this point, those feeling good, and those looking to survive. those looking to survive will take the more direct routes, while those feeling good will take the more technical, hillier routes. we'll stop at my house to drop off any remaining riders from fridays group, then down into and over Allamuchy to the tranquility side and everyone else's cars. dinner at Pub 517 perhaps. total of between 25 and 40 miles on the day. again, at an all-day pace.

wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends all welcome for camping. acutally, they're encouraged, since they would make ideal sag wagon operators.

remember, we'll have AAALLLLL day to do saturday and sunday's rides, so no pressure. there will be options for longer additions for those with a little extra in their legs.

post up any interest. join me any or all days.

maps below. friday and saturdayearly only apply to those riding/camping friday.
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Not sure if this is a point of concern for you- the first H2H race is May 4 at Wawayanda.

It sounds like what you've got planned will be a blast. I think it would be tough, if not impossible for me to swing, but it does look like a great idea.


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ooo! good point. changing it to second or third weekend in may.
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Count me in...

ooo! good point. changing it to last weekend in april or second weekend in may.

Cool! I'm in SF the first weekend of May, but for the second weekend of May, I'm in for the whole enchilada!

I'll open my basement, Park stand, and tools to anyone who might need to make a repair when you hit Mahlon...provided you can make it the mile or two from the camping area to my house :) This goes whether I can do the whole epic or not.

Camping @ Mahlon would be great! I could have my wife drop off my son--he'd think that is the coolest thing...


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i have the following camping gear to lend out(in addition to my own personal gear) if anyone needs it:

1 super warm sleeping bag. rated to -40.
1 closed cell foam sleeping pad.
1 bivy sack
1 freestanding 1-person tent. i have slept two in it head to toe before.
1 lightweight tarp. there shouldn't be many bugs at night then, so a tarp should be sufficient.


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I'm in if it's for the 2nd weekend in May. The last weekend in April I'll be doing the Tour de Lake.


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17th/18th is a last resort. the later it is, the closer to my asthma season, the more likely that i myself wont be able to participate.


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did a little scouting of some of the trails today. this may be an endangered loop in a couple of sections due to pending developments. just two sections, which could easily be bypassed in the future on the road, but it'll be great to get this all in while it's still so much trail.


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Just pointing out that Sunday is mother's day. :)

I'm leading an all girl's ride on Saturday at Kitt, but could possibly ride Mahlon on Sunday, as long as I get home in time for my mom. The thought of riding seems like a dream right now, but as soon as things get going, I'll confirm.

p.s are pink wheels allowed?


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ssshhhhhh!!! holidays scare people away....

everyone should be home with plenty of time to shower and take mom out to dinner on sunday. pink wheels are not only welcome, they're encouraged. saturday or sunday, you can't lose. both days connect mahlon and allamuchy, two of the best parks in north jersey.
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