magnetic pedals.


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Those are pretty cool. I don't think they would work at Ringwood because of the high iron content in the soil. They would always have a dusting of dirt stuck to them.


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We swears by them for Dh and BMX racing.

I can see why some would think they are the cats meow. If you want dependable reliability with ease of exit and entry they might be great. The DH and BMX croud spends as much time out of the pedal as they do in it.

This design falls short for those of us who keep our feet on our pedals most of the time. There is nothing to align the magnets. Sure, you'd get it close, but your foot placement would be different each time you stepped on the pedal. I think that would bug me.

I think it is a viable product for the DH and BMX croud though.

Just my $.02


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I think you posted something up very similar not to long ago. But the search option is too far outta my reach right now.


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They keep emailing me so I figured i would do my part locally.

I am pretty happy with SPD's but I am curious about the new LOOK mtb pedal.

I will follow up when I test them.



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I was "look"ing into the looks, but was slightly turned off by the fact that the tension is not adjustable. In all honesty, I haven't adjusted my spds other that the 1st day, but if the tension on the looks is all bonky, it would suck.
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