Lynx 24hr MTB Challenge


El Guac-Oh
wtf...look at what I found today....a 24hr race back 2 weeks!!!
If only my wife wasn't just about to deliver our baby :p (sorry, site is in Español)

Loop is only 7+ km, the winner last year did 41 laps (178miles...not bad :p)

Looks like I will be booking a trip back home around May 2009 (they better not cancel it next year :getsome:)

The course is in a park that is like Six Flags Wild Safari....:hmmm: I wonder if the course will take you through the Elephants & Giraffes:hmmm:

The park is somewhere behind these mountains. I did a 4 wheelin' trip last Xmas through the canyon and the river below, at the end of the loop we passed right by the entrance to that park.

Anybody want to come?? :D

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