Lupine Lights??????


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Need a new set of handlebar mount lights. Been researching like crazy. Yeah, yeah, LED is it. Anyone out there ride with Lupine? Seems like top of the line high end lighting system(s). Compared the Lumens to Niterider's highest, Trinewt, Lupine's Wilma 8 is coming in at 830 Lumens vs NR Trinewt at 486. Almost the same price and double the brightness! Quality on the Lupines seems incredible though. The top of the line Betty 12 is posting 1400 Lumens which is just insane & a price tag of $1200. That's a bit much I think. I've run NR for years and the problems persist regardless. Might need a change of pace, especially if Lupine wil blind a bear at night.
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