Lower Back Protection


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I've taken a few spills that landed me on my lower back - one bad one when I went down at a stream crossing at Chimney Rock. I've landed all over the place but those spills seem more dangerous due to their nature. Does anyone know if there any light duty products that I can use to protect my lower back out there for a bit? I don't mind the falls and cuts and bruises and stuff - just don't want to do any permanent damage.




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a waist mounted hydration pack would probably offer more protection when full than any of those. use a 30oz waist mounted one, and a 60oz backpack style and you've got full coverage and all the water capacity.


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Thanks. The waist mounted hydration pack sounds like a good idea - but I'll look into both. I'm blowing through my Camel Back early in the heat anyway. Thanks again.
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