Lost Cell Phone 1/1/2009



Hi All,

Happy New Year... Please let me know if anyone comes across a Silver/Blue Cellphone. My wife and I walked the main trails yesterday between South Middlebush and Canal and lost the phone somewhere there (Red, Yellow and part of Blue)...

I figure it's a longshot but if you happen to find it please let me know!

Thanks! - John K


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Sorry to hear it.

I lost mine out there when I crashed in the dark a few months back.

I went back with a friend who rand my # and we heard the ringer.

Loosing a cell sucks arse.

Happy new year.



Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Does it happen to beep when you leave a voice mail? If so, leave yourself a message and maybe someone hears it.

Also, try to get out ASAP and use JDog's method before the battery dies.


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If you look on Snopes.com they talk about a guy who died and was buried with his cellphone. He had the cell # engraved on his headstone. His wife calls him every day to leave a message. Apparently other people call him too..

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