LOST black sunglass w/ clear lense @ CR


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Anyone find a pair of black sunglasses w/ clear lenses in Newmans Lane lot? I lost them yesterday (sat 10/4). I had them when I we finished the ride. I think I may have put them somewhere on my truck bed edge and drove away :(

They are nothing fancy but it wouldn't hurt to retrieve them.

Thanks a bunch.


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I'll be there tomorrow, can check if they're on the ground somewhere. Someone probably picked them up, lets hope they're nicer than the person that picked up my GPS watch :mad2:


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No luck, took a look around the whole lot and even under the cars that pulled in hah. Someone must have picked them up, hopefully they work their way back to you.


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I ended up oversleeping and damn near missing an exam so to relax I took a nice slow drive up to CR to check for you around 10, sadly no bike :( They closed Steel something or other road...the one you go up after getting off 28 and making that left


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yea, they are resurfaciing Steel Gap road. And you cant go up chimney rock road from Rt 22. You have to go up crim or voessler ave.

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