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This will be the first time for me going from Waterloo Rd. It looks like White to Teel to Red loop and back is a good trail. Is there anything I need to know or other trails I could try. Looking to do around 10 miles.:D

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There all good...


There all good! Just watch teal (Highland Tr) where is crosses the yello loop, lot of hik a bike. Yes you can ride the Highland Tr in Allamoochy, so no one start that stuff...

Also try and d the red trail clockwish from the RR bed. Yellow good either way.

When we are back i town we should get togheter for a ride.

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Sounds good to me. I would like a tour of place. I went there today and it was great. Did get alittle turned around but I ended up were I wanted to be. :D


I wrote something up a few years ago that was a ten mile loop. You don't hit any of the more hidden single track, it is mainly severly washed out and fun fireroads (like you saw when you rode).

Grab a map at the lot. Take the red trail sticking to the left. Once you get to the top and start coming down the hill look for a left with a big log with a lot of rocks stacked for you to ride over it (pretty cool obstacle). This cuts over to the white trail shown on your map. Follow the white trail over the creek, and over a huge rock face. A little ways past that you will take a right onto the green trail, follow the green trail to the end. Be careful as the middle of the green has aturn that goes up hill to the left that you could miss. The green ends on the rail trail and Rt 206. Take a right going past Cranberry Lake and back onto the rail trial that leads back to the Waterloo lot.

This is a good trial to take where you don't need a guide, you can easily follow the map, gives you a decent idea of what the park is about and goes through the middle of the park so you can begin to get familiar with the place.

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