Looking for hiking trails ....


My buddy is looking for a place to go to this weekend to hike, possibly in the New Paltz, Woodstock area.

Intermediate level hiking , not a casual stroll through the woods.

He's looking for about an hour to hour and a half drive from Morris County .

any suggestions .


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Why not just hit the AT up in the Water Gap, or any part of the AT in NJ?


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Minnewaska or Mowhank :hmmm: HTF do you spell them??????

Minnewaska or Mohonk, which is kinda like Minnewaska without the cliffs.

I believe they still charge an arm and a leg to get into the Mohonk side, so unless you're gonna go up there many more times this year, it probably won't be worth it. Just my $0.02...

From what I hear, there's some real nice 'singletrack' hiking trails in M'waska; I wouldn't know first hand because the few times I've been up there I've had my bike.
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AT Trail in Warwick. Agreed, Mohonk is great, but $$. Minnewaska is beautiful, too, but you can get easily lost if you venture off the "main" trails. Not that I would have first hand experience...:eek:


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A favorite Hudson Valley hike for me is in Cold Springs. You can actually start from the town center if you don't mind the mile long road walk. Trails tarts at Breakneck Ridge (or something similar sinister like that) and it's near impossible to get lost. One trail goes up the mountain and down the other side. Maybe 3-3.5 hours total and amazing views. Love it.
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