Looking for advice on riding from the Tranquility side...

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Hi guys and gals,

Long time Deer Park aficionado...

I just rode the north side for the first time last night. WOW.

Completely kicked my a$$.

And the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE. :mad:

BUT! I plan on going back, and I'm looking for advice on a loop.

Last night we rode the orange trail, to the purple trail (cardiac) and then sort of muddled our way northeast(?) out the ridge and back... not really sure WHERE we were.

I remember hearing that the BSA property was off limits, but I never saw any markings to that effect.

In an effort to stay legal, I'm looking for insight on that issue.

IS it off limits? IS it clearly marked?



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BSA is off limits and it's posted. It's best to ride with someone who knows the park or you could become bear meat. Hook with those crazy Thursday crew or jorbas Tuesday rides. If your feeling ambitious you can come with me thru all 3 mooch parks as long as you don't like to stop and smell roses :D and have 4-5 hours to kill...

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yeeeahhh. :rofl:

I'm in pretty poor shape right now... you'd probably drop me in the first 50 feet. (And I wouldn't blame you.)

I'm not worried about getting lost/ bears, just looking for a good loop that I can ride frequently without getting in trouble for trespassing.

If it's as well posted as you describe I should be ok.

BTW: Just for sh!ts and giggles, when and where do those rides leave from?


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I never know depends on who is coming. One triple is rarely the same and most cases not. One park may get more love then another as to what ever mood I maybe in. The beauty is that each park is different then the other...

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you have GPS? I have rides in north that you can load...

I don't yet have GPS.

I might request one for fathers day. :D

My brother and I are going to hit the Tranquility side again tomorrow night.

We are planning on taking a slow and steady approach to the climbing... probably going to link up with the white trail, and come back that way.


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Is it common to ride up the white trail, then back the purple trail?

If you're going to do that, you'll have more fun if you take the "bypass" trail that's off of purple. After you climb up the white trail from the lot, you'll get to the intersection of white/purple. Get on purple for a few hundred feet (at most), and look for an unmarked trail on the right. This is probably one of my favorite stretches of trail anywhere. This will bring you back up the mountain and rejoin with the purple trail. Make a right and blast down purple to orange, back to the lot.

You can stay on the marked purple trail instead, but it's a real bitch to take the trail in that direction, just my opinion.


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We had a nice ride Monday... orange to purple to white to... uh... a trail that loops back around to the purple (southeast of the purple/ white intersection) then up to the top, around the top and back down to the purple, to the white back to the trailhead.

Saw a bear and cub at the intersection of the purple and white trails. We made some noise and she headed out.

Good ride, less bugs, better temps.

Thanks guys.


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I was up there after work today. 90 degrees is damn hot. The trails reminded me of Ramapo and Ringwood but a lot smoother. I'll be back for more in cooler temps.

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