Looking for a new saddle


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My OEM Cannondale saddle has finally bitten the dust. It is simply falling apart.

Any recommendations for saddles to try? Is an mtb saddle as important of an item as a road saddle when it comes to comfort and so on?

I have never been in the market for a saddle so I just wanted to know what to look for.

thanks in advance


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Seats are a tough call because it's hard to try on out. Plus, everyones ass is different so what works for me may not work for the next guy.

I have heard good things about fizik, but on both of my bikes I use WTB's.


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Is an mtb saddle as important of an item as a road saddle when it comes to comfort and so on?

i believe road saddle is more difficult to find a comfortable one, given the nature of bike geometry and riding style of road biking. My but is not as particular when it comes to mtbing.


Brooks: I can't imagine using anything else now... However, I've always been comfortable on WTB's saddles too. As the others have said though, saddles along with shoes and helmets are really a matter of fit and anatomy. You should try a few out before you put your money down. Be prepared for a bit of trial and error also; what feels good on a five minute parking lot shakedown might be murder on a trail two hours later.



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I have Selle Italia on all my bikes. I am happy to see Ryan's post though about the Forte one...good price is always nice :) I would never have thought to try one of those.

Yo Eddy

Something light and narrow (so you can slide off the back when needed)...comfort will be different depending on your butt...


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I also had a Cannondale saddle which I replaced. I did the demo program at http://www.competitivecyclist.com/mountain-bikes/demo-saddle
The demo costs $75 and they will send you around 10 saddles. You get a week to try them out before returning all the saddles. If you pick one of the saddles and order from them then they will give you a $35 credit for having used the demo program. I ended up ordering the Selle Italia Flight Gel Flow and am happy with it.


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Speaking of demo program, WTB has a demo program with some local shops. I know for sure that Planet Bike on Route 18 in East Brunswick has all of the WTB saddles as demos in their shop (and no-one has tried them yet, so they are brand new). Stop in and try them out!


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Ditto. Fred and I must haveatching asses.

We can do a side by side for comparison.

FWIW, I ride an Arione on my road bike. Just as comfy but it is a bit longer which is nice so your not sitting on the same spot forever.


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Many saddles are good for me when riding easy, but when I really push it they tend to smash my taint.

The SMP Glider is the best that I have tried. I now have 4 of them.

Wtb and Fizik seem to own most of the market though.


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The SMP Glider is the best that I have tried. I now have 4 of them.

This is best for my ass and surrounding areas as well. Well, in reality, your ass doesn't have much to do with the saddle, does it.

On the road bike I can't have any other saddle other than SMP. on the MTB, I can have a piece of wood and it wouldn't make a difference. That's just me tho.


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fizik alliante. im a big fan.

I have an Aliante on my road bike and love that saddle...its just looks so pretty I wouldnt want to get it dirty.:rolleyes:

The SMP's look like a really interesting saddle and after reading about them really seem to have some purpose...question I have is how do you know which one works for your posterior?

Glider, Evolution or Stratos? Does it depend on your own personal geometry?
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