Looking for 2 bikes, with 26" wheels.


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hello, I am looking for 2 bikes, with 26" wheels. We are looking for used bikes, but in good/safe condition - prefer to be lightly used. Let us know if anyone has that available. Thanks!


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What are you looking for? In Size? Hard tail/full suspension? etc? Budget? Don't have anything, but members on this forum can have a 20 yr old bike for free or a 2015 Carbon fiber single speed race machine available for sale. So you need to give more details.

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I'm going to list my wife's 16'' hardtail. It is Haro V4 alu frame with RS Tora 318 air fork, DT Swiss 370 hubs/420 rims, 9 speed, mostly XT drivetrain with deore shifters, Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes. About 27#. Low mileage.
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Hello, I am looking for 2 mountain bike/hybrid bike (one men's and one women's) - mainly used on weekends for recreational riding. Looking for 5 years or less in age. Some other criteria (but not a must ) are:
26" Bike with 21 speeds - suspension preferred but no necessary. Budget is around $100 per bike.
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