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Since i am usually heading out to NJ to ride the trails ( I live in Brooklyn).
I figured i'd share a little trail we have in Queens. This is shot at Cunningham Park, Queens.. one of the two new trails in NYC. Its actually a great trail to ride on with various degrees of difficulty.. Heres a little video of a Logroll made from a cut down tree in tee trails path.

LOG Roll


El Guac-Oh
is that you on the red jacket?

and did I see somebody on a cyclocross bike giving it a shot?

NJ Jess

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Cool and funny

The video was cool, neat stuff you guys have in the city. As for the funny,...did you read the second paragraph of the DivX video agreement? In the last paragraph they wrote that Santa Claus exists and he lives with the easter bunny! Checking the "I agree" button means you believe that too! hee hee hee


Crotch Rot
That must be new. I rode Cunningham quite a few times after work last summer and other than the one really rocky decent there isn't much to ride over that is technical. There a some skinnys too, but i get nervous on those right now. I think the place, due to its lack of rocks, needs a trail that is all crazy log rollers like you have there. That would be fun.

That log roller looks fun though, i look forward to it.
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