LM 10.00am 1-25

Dusty the Whale

walter and i will be coming up here for a ride sunday. meet at 10.00am by the lake/patriots path...i think its off mendham road:confused:. anyway thats where we'll be. please dont make me go into the woods with him alone:cry:jk. im sure some of you know where im talking about to meet so if you can explain it better please do, i can only get there cant tell you how. sorry.


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Walter, like the Walter that is on here? The real, live Walter, in the flesh, will be there? Hmm...?????


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I may be in attendence. What do you think conditions will be like at Lewis Morris with the thawing, dethawing, thawing, dethawing etc?


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Due to poor trail conditions north of the bridge, we will NOT be riding Lewis Morris on Sunday 1/25.

See you all at the usual Sunday winter spot, same time.


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I think there is something going at Allaire from 2 years ago when you only saw the wookie till today when there will not be any parking..:hmmm:
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