List of November Cross Races

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Looks like we got what we wanted. :) Thanks higher powers!

Anyway, this is the list of the races I'll be attending. It's pretty solid for every weekend in November, but feel free to add to the races if you think there are others people should know. :D

November 8th:
Beacon Cross #6 MAC Race Series (Cat2-3-4 Men (B-Men) / (Cat1-2-3 Elite Men/U23 Men)

November 9th:
HPCX UCI C2 2008 Verge MAC Series Race #7 - ECCC Race #4 - NJ Cross Cup (Cat 2/3/4 Men (B Men) / UCI Elite Men/U23 Men)
The Rutgers Team will be raffling off prizes (I think...). This is another viewer-friendly course. There is a food truck there.

November 15th - 16th:
US Gran Prix of Cyclocross! (Cat 4 Men / UCI Elite Men/U23 Men)
This is probably the hardest of all the 'cross races, but there will be the largest crowds. If you're looking for a 'cross race to bring friends and family, this is the one. Food and vendors will be on site, PLUS you get massive SRAM stickers!

November 23rd:
Sussex County 'Cross 2008 (Cat 3/4 Men / U23 Men)

November 29th:
New Jersey Cyclocross Championships (Sussex County 'Cross #2) 2008 (Cat 3/4 Men / U23 Men)
This is probably the muddiest course I've been on. Very fun!

Of course there are many more races going on around PA and NY, but I keep my races NJ only :getsome:



Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
I'm already pre-reg'd for everything in NJ, so I'll be seeing ya'll out there. I may be doing Fair Hills as well, I just gotta keep an eye on my budget.

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