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JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Manufacturer: Petzl
How Long Used: 1 Month
Similar Products Used: None
Overall Rating [1-10]: 8

Positive: Long burn time, extremely inexpensive

Negative: Limited Distance

Comments: If you ride in the dark then you know the importance of a good head lamp and with all the high priced NiMH and Lithium Ion system, I wanted to see how a $40 headlamp held up.

I was completely surprised to see just how well this guy worked. Granted you don't get the distance but it MORE then did the job in my book. Also can't argue with 80hours of burn time on three AAA batteries.

I think next I am going to look into a 5 or 6 LED lamp.

This headlamp has the ability to switch between white or red-filtered proximity lighting along with long battery duration.

* 3 brightness settings (maximum, optimum, economic) and a bliking mode.
* Alternates easily between white and red light simply by moving the pivoting filter over the LEDs.
* Long light duration up to 120 hours in economic level.
* Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
* Water-resistant for all-weather use.
* Ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear elastic headband.
* Also available in CAMOUFLAGE version: elastic headband and lamp head in c.amouflage color.
* Runs on three AAA batteries.


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