Liberty-Water Gap Trail


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I saw an article yesterday in my local paper (Sparta Independent) that a 156-mile trail is in the works that will connect Liberty State Park in JC to the Deleware Water Gap, mostly by connecting existing trail networks, including the Paulinskill Valley Trail, Sussex Branch Trail, Patriots Path, and Lenape Trail. Other portions include the Morris Canal and the Highlands trail.

Funding has been provided by the NJDEP, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and some corporations including Coca-Cola.
Bumping this up.

Anybody ride this? The web site doesn't specify details if its hike-only or just not very bike friendly.

I'm looking to make a trip across on a long weekend this summer.
I'm actually working on this close with the guy Steve Marano who is heading it up. We have been working with Al Kent who originally built the Lenape trail network.

Steve was indifferent to mountain bikes when he started the project. But after figuring out who actually takes care of the trails and who is the most willing to help he's actually grown pretty fond of us. We rule! :D

I actually did some work today on the trail.
Looking at the map and key, the trails in the western part of the state are already accessible to bikes - not sure about the JC, Path, or Lenape trails...
I have ridden the entire trail 3 yrs ago. It is a little Lewis and Clarky in a couple of spots. Mostly fire road fun(or not) until you get on the patriots path in Schoolys Mtn Park. What would you like to know?
Yup, we are focusing on fixing the Lewis and Clark parts first and making it easy to follow and complete.
There is a new sign with a map describing this trail at Lewis Morris,right where Patriots Path goes over a bridge by the gravel parking area off of old Route 24.
This is a trail that myself, my brother and a friend have been wanting to do as well. maybe we will get a chance to this fall
Any updates? My quest to find a rideable through route along Patriots Path is part of a long term desire to ride the entire Liberty Gap Trail end to end. Lewis and Clarky sounds about right.

They have a GPX tracks of almost the whole thing except for the part where they make you take the Path train.

I suspect some of it will be over-grown or just non-existent and you will have to bushwack or use the streets.
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