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Is there a preferred direction to ride the yellow trail? I rode the park for the first time Sunday with my 10 yr old son. It seemed we were traveling against traffic. I rode again tonight ,Thursday, I rode the trail counter clockwise from the Surprise Lake Parking area and again I seemed to be going against traffic. I was fighting daylight so I figured single track first then Fire road.
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i've been there multiple times and everytime it seems like i'm going against traffic...looks like it's just luck of the draw bro


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I generally start on out from Whitehead Road then enter the park. I do LM counterclockwise on the yellow trail, and as I come across the "other" trails do them as I go as an out and back returning to the yellow trail. When I get to the end I turn around and do the yellow trail in reverse or clockwise. It is about 17+ miles counting the trip from Whitehead road, 1.5 miles and the yellow trail loop across the street from Sunrise Lake, .86 miles. Then I head towards Chester on Patriots Path for about 6 miles turn around and head back to Whitehead road for a total of about 30 miles. In answer to your question, is there a wrong or right way to do LM. No there isn't. Do whatever you like. I have found the counter clockwise method to be a little tougher with the climbs and the clockwise method to be much faster and not quite as demanding as far as climbing goes. I do clockwise last because I enjoy the fast runs. I really enjoy LM because it isn't a TOTAL killer at all. Either way you choose to do it, enjoy it.

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