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Hey guys, been riding Deer Park all summer and really want to get up to Lewis Morris before season end - How would you compare the two? I heard there are less rocks and it's much smoother and fun. Opinions? Suggestions?


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The challenge/fun is in how fast you can take the turns on the downhills. There are a lot of short-medium length downhills with lots of nice twists. A couple of sections are very fast when some pedal power is used to give a good start. The trails are nowhere near technical but that doesn't mean they're perfectly smooth. I advise going generally clockwise.

While some places have lots of potential but are mostly ignored (Splitrock), Lewis Morris has received plenty of TM making it pretty much the best it cab be - a fun 60-90 minute ride if you live close by.


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LM is right on par as deer park they complement each other not too techy fast flow nice short climbs. You should check Stephens out if you live near by deer park nice trails there too.


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Yea, I've rode Stephens first until we found some cool trails behind the lake at Deer like we like. I'm in Morris Plains so it's just super easy for me to check out LM. I heard less rocks? Plus burms?


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Did you say you heard LM is more fun that Allamuchy?

LM is all flow, hardly any rock. If you are really into flow with little rock you should also check out Hartshorne sometime, and take a trip up to Kingdom Trails in VT, the mecca of flow.


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How would this place look this weekend..?
After all the rain??


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LM drains pretty well, but the tourne takes the win for the fastest draining park.

as far as LM v. Deer park...i wouldn't even put them in the same realm. I've ridden both parks dozens of times and technically speaking, deer park is WAY more technical than LM. relatively speaking.

there are probably more rocks on the white trail climb from the parking lot (in Deer Park) than in all of LM...at least IMHO.

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