Lewis Morris Update: Results Not Lost


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I want to start a new thread with this so it doesn't get lost in the other post.

Just got off the phone with Geoff at Marty's and he told me that the sport results were not lost. There was a (obviously) problem with the timing system that was out of their control. He wasn't able to give any more details than that but he did assure me that the results weren't lost. He was given the beginner/expert results and is now waiting on the sport results which he hopes to have today.

He also wanted to make sure I passed along major apologies to everyone about this. As a promoter, this is about the worst thing that can happen and I'm sure he's feeling much more stress about it than any of us waiting on the results.

So hang in there, be patient, and hopefully we get our hands on something in the next few days.

MTB Aussie

Not the first time for this race

Last year I got beat out of two points due to a mystery rider who was added to the results after the fact at this race so check your results if they finally show up.

(Yes I am having a bad day at work too :mad2::mad2::getsome::getsome: )
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