Lewis Morris today



I just had a fantastic ride at LM today. The trails were perfect, very clingy, lots of traction. It made for a fast (by my standards) 12 miles - 1 hour and about 20 minutes with no crashes!

I found a great quasi-jump too. Bear with me whilst I bastardise these direction. If you're taking the now infamous "Jason's Loop" and you've been riding along the yellow trail until that bears right and you continue on the orange. Imagine that you're coming back down that yellow trail. About a half a mile back from that orange/yellow junction is a new water runn-off that's pretty high. It's already on a downhill slope so if you get enough gusto you can get a right-nice jump and some good air. I cleared a good few feet and felt like a stand-in for the Roam movie!

I saw a couple of people out riding. I recognised one guy from the TM at LM a month or so back but didn't reconise the others so "hello" if you're signed up to this site.

And now, as I look out of the window to the rapidly advancing black clouds, I think I say goodbye to riding for the next few days... I'm now sad...
a few guys were out doing TM today when ytc and I went throgh. I know the exact spot you are talking about as we were asked to walk our bikes through it.

We said thanks for the help, and they invited us to the next scheduled event.

After we passed, ytc said "damn i really wanted to launch off that thing"

conditions were very good as you said, tires really hooked up well today. we were out early and the park was very very busy.
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