Lewis Morris ss race gearing?


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Hey guys. I am a brand new singlespeeder and cat one racer. I am comming down to race Lewis Morris next week, and I really have no idea what kind of gearing makes sense there. I am riding a 26"er, and right now it is set up in 32x19, which was about right for last weeks hurley race. I am half hoping I can keep it as it is, because I don't have enough chain on at the moment to add teeth. Whadayathink?

These races are a good time BTW, if you haven't yet, you should check them out.


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I race the SS 33-19 there, but a 29er. I tend to push a bigger gear and lower cadence than most. I think you'll be fine with that, though I wouldn't put any more teeth on that rear cog. The park is mostly up or down, so spinning out isn't usually an issue there other than the road near the s/f. I don't think you're showing up with a perfect gear combo, honestly. But I think you'll be fine with that.

Having said all that, do I remember you as being more of a high cadence guy, spinning more than grinding? My memory isn't so hot in the middle of these races :)


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I learned to be a spinner eventually trying to get faster. Now I am on this new thing. I'm digging it. It will be cool when I know what I'm doing:p

What do you think would be ideal, if I am running a 32 up front?


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I certainly don't think you should be adding teeth...at least, not in the back. 32:19 will be very spinny on a 26er. 32:16 would be my choice, but I'm not a high cadence guy.


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I have raced there on a 26 wheel and 32 chain ring the last 5 years. I usually run a 19 and I will admit that I am not as strong as most guys, but can hang in there until the end. When I had lyme, I ran a 20. My first year I ran an 18 and beat some of the guys. So I am thinking 19 may be light for you. Maybe try an 18 or 17.
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