Lewis Morris/Patriot's Path

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So I was excited to go ride Lewis Morris today for the first time. Went to Sunrise Lake parking...got out the camelbak, the bike and realized i forgot my helmet. Didn't want to chance it so just took a look around and went home 🙁 My question is is what is Patriot's Path and what is considered Lewis Morris? I couldn't figure out which was which and what was the easiest (tecnically) path wise.
LM is a really great park. It's not big but it's quite easy to get a 20miler in with out too much repetition. It's quite fast and flowing and the trails are pretty well marked so you won't get lost. The Yellow trail will be the first trail you see and that's the boundary trail. Others lead off from it and link back to it for the most part. Explore and have fun!
went there the first time on the 4th with one of my friends who knows the place. I like it alot.
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