Lets make Norms head bigger


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Old Normy hooked me up big!

Norm gave me perfect "Tapering" advice for the Vermont 50. With the limited (not much) training time I had this year, I was set for a major spanking.

Then Norm stepped in with 50% reduction, then another 50% reduction advice. He nailed it. I did alot better then I thought I was going to do = 6 hours and 10 minutes on Sunday:D

Disclaimer: Chit for brians here drank 6 beers Friday night and another 5 beer Saturday before the race = stupid Nimrod.
Should have only bought a 6 pack:rolleyes:


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That's awesome man, congrats!

Now if I only knew how to give myself some flipping worthwhile advice I'd be all set.


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What beers do I drink the 2 days before the race?

6 each Sam Adam's 2 days prior to the event. I feel the Sams has more protein then other beers.

4 to 5 each of the IPA's (Use extreme caution here!) 1 beer will make a huge difference.
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