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I click on "be heard" it just sends me to the bottom of the page,,,, but, my computer may be whack!!!!

I think that's it. I did nothing else myself and then I saw "Thank you for signing the petition." Hardly personal but i guess it's sheer volume their after.


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No no no you hacks. First of all you need to go here:

Then enter your email address at the bottom. The page linked in the OP is his "thank you" message, which does no good for everyone else to click on.

The i-net is only useful if you use it right...


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Something the i-net may actually be good for.

No explanation??? Who has created this petition? Who will it be presented to? Why do I get a strange feeling that some college computer geek who happens to be a Levi fan set all this up. Put up a couple banners. Provide a link to a Velonews interview. Count all the hits and get a good laugh.

Now that he's gotten more attention than he could have imagined...he'll actually go and print those shirts, pins, and hats to grab a little coin.

I'm just thinking out loud here but I've followed the road cycling scene too long to think that an Internet petition is going to change anything.

I have a better chance of seeing Levi next to me on the couch in July than seeing him in Paris. If the riders are not going to command some respect then they will continue to be used like pawns.
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