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anyone know a good brand of leg warmers that keep you warm and don't get stretched out after a month or two?


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I've had PI warmers (Knee, Arm, Leg) for years. They show signs of stretching after many years. Certainly not months.


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I take it that you have to remove your shoes to get leg warmers on and off? I've never used them.


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Some have zippers on the bottom, back by the heel. You can slip those on without removing shoes. My adidas are like that.


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I've got a set of Castelli knee warmers that seem to do the trick for fall temps. Anything colder and I reach for the fleece knicker bibs.


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I cheaped out with the Pricepoint's....no good, the elastic is not strong enough...after 10mins they are usually around my ankles :mad2:


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Thank you the preformance brand that I bought last year stretched out after a short time so just put an order in on the pearl izumis thermo fleece, along with a few other cold weather thingys. Early sat morn ride at kitty. was CHILLY!


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Knee/Leg warmers

Had the same sagging problem but buying a size smaller cured it.
I have Pearl Izumi and Specialized and they both stay up fine now and haven't stretched out in 4-5 yrs of use.


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The defeet kneekers rock! Only $20, super warm, stretchy one size fits all, even pixy legs, and they don't really fall down.
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