Leaving for the Cohutta 100 in TN in 4 days...


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Any suggestions as to what to bring with me. I always go through a big list and forget to bring something. I'm going with all the usual backups which I'll put below... What stuff should I bring with me that I wouldn't normally think of? I get to drop SAG bags so I'll store some extra stuff in that like a chain, gloves, etc. I'm going to have:

Spare Chain
Shot blocks
Spare Gloves
Zip Ties
Short Section of Duct Tape
Sram Quick Links
Spare Brake Pads
Spare Pedals
Spare Der Hanger
Endurolytes/Sport Legs

Anything else?


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put extra duct tape in each of the sag bags for blisters.

bring your game face.

bring some of those fake, plastic hillbilly teeth so you fit in...

since you'll have sag bags, through a spare pair of shorts in there too.


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Not to sound like a tire whore ;), but always good to have some spare tires, for all conditions. Der hanger ? Zip loc bags of all sizes come in handy too.

Good luck. I hope you have a great race :getsome:.


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Don't forget the bag of potatoes for cooking in sweaty back pockets on long climbs. :drooling:


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A set of derailluer cables? Precut one front & one rear so you can just slap it in if you need it(and not need a cutter)
-brakes-same as above if rim or mech disc. a bleed kit if they're hydros.
- def. agree w/ pixy on the spare tire
-rear derailluer if you have one or can borrow one
-shock pump?
-extra sunglasses/eye protection with a choice of lenses if you have 'em.I like the Smith moabs w/ a tinted,a clear and an amber lens.since I wear contacts I never ride w/out them 'cause my eyes get dry and dirt can ruin a lens
-chamois butter/aloe? thats' a long time in the saddle bud.


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turkey jerky. make sure you hit a trader joes before ya go. i journey down to tenn. twice a year to ride columbia and mont bell, great mtb scene. you prob know about but check out the SORBA site. Also eat at chik-filet as much as possible on the way down:)


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Yea I might need those and a knee replacement. It's looking like it might be rainy which could be good to keep the dust down but not so much that it turns into a mudfest.


its going to get interesting!
i am bringing the usual stuff plus a few random items that i have thrown in the bag.
i few things i wish i could bring....

more miles in the legs.. can always use more
a clue.. kinda goes without saying

so am i in over my head. absolutely.
will it be interesting. absolutely.


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I am with you there. I wish I had more miles on the legs... The problem is I know I can finish with a respectable time if healthy, but I've got a weird knee factor going on that's either gonna cut the race short or give me no problems. So I'm looking at the race from aid station to aid station. I just want to finish to get points to get me into the overall standings of the series. I can worry later about good finishes when my knee is better.

Like you said, it's gonna be interesting. 14,000 feet of vert ain't bad right??? :drooling:


14k + 1gear = hmmmmmmmmm

yeah it will be interesting.
just want to finish and have a fun time.
when you headed down?


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14k + 1gear = hmmmmmmmmm

yeah it will be interesting.
just want to finish and have a fun time.
when you headed down?

Sweet man! SS is phun! I should bring mine too....not!

I'll be down there Friday afternoon. Leaving here tomorrow evening. I can't wait!!!


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Thanks! I'll have my laptop with me so I'll try to give everyone a race report sometime over the weekend. It's time to get my sh*t together and start packin!
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