Leaderless thurs PM group ride Jacques lane Lot


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Weekly Thurs evening group ride starting at 6:34 pm

Group will split as ability of riders may dictate

No particular leader but most always a ride

Many will head to casa de tortilla after.

Rain or wet condition cancels.

See you there but maybe not

Not a night ride, but sometimes a light may be handy


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i will be there tomorrow pending there are no rogue thunderstorms today/tomorrow and dump rain. i get out of work at 6pm in woodbridge should be there right on time.


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Pouring now.. Thinking this is going to be a no go. I'm still going to ride at 630 tomorrow, frost woods in east Brunswick drains pretty well and is local.


Overthinking the draft from the basement already
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decent wind, low humidity, and some sun today. got a shot.


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Beautiful evening, good group with 12 or 13 and overall a fun ride. Got dark at the end. Conditions were “wet in the normal spots”. Bike needs a good cleaning.

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