Le Tour d' Zoller...a.k.a. '21 days'


El Guac-Oh
So, I think this is the place to post this sort of thing:hmmm:

21 days of riding while my family is in Mexico.
I needed a place to keep track of it and what better place than here.
Also it will serve me as proof to Mrs. Zoller that I wasn't just sitting around on my lazy ass doing nothing instead of working on the multiple home improvement's list she left me:mad2:
Disclaimer: These distances will not impress many of you, but they'll mean a lot to me.

Let's pray for NO rain the next 21 days :D

8/7 - Day 1: Ringwood - 10mi
8/8 - Day 2: Prologue: 4mi (roundtrip commute) + Road ride: Bergen County 22.25mi
8/9 - Day 3: Blue Mountain - 17.72mi
8/10 - Day 4: Six Mile - 17.45mi
8/11 - Day 5: 4mi commute (don't ask...)
8/12 - Day 6: Road ride: Bergen County 16.5mi
8/13 - Day 7: Ringwood: Newest section of Newest Trail 10.2mi
8/14 - Day 8: Kennedy Park (Lenox, MA) 14.59mi
8/15 - Day 9: AM Ride - Kingdom Trails (VT) 22.27mi
8/15 - Day 9: PM Ride - Kingdom Trails (VT) 9.38mi
8/16 - Day 10: Kingdom Trails (VT): The Hail Storm 18.42mi
8/17 - Day 11: AM Ride - Kingdom Trails (VT): The Dirt Road ride 11.91mi
8/17 - Day 11: PM Ride -The Sugarbush Fiasco 4.14mi
8/18 - Day 12: Diablo - 19.34mi (counting the lift rides :) )
8/19 - Day 13: Recovery Ride...in the couch!! Rest today, time to catch up with laundry, loading & editing pics/vids from the trip ;-)
8/20 - Day 14: Jungle Habitat 7.04mi
8/21 - Day 15: Road ride after work 18.19mi
8/22 - Day 16: Late day at work and night out ;) = No ride.
8/23 - Day 17: Skyline-Ringwood: El Loop-o de la Muerte :scared: - 36.92mi
8/24 - Day 18: Die Sourlands :getsome: - 7.35mi
8/25 - Day 19: Zero!
8/26 - Day 20: Another DAMN Road Ride - 24mi
8/27 - Day 21: 4mi commute
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Fourth Party
I get the training part, but I think you need to include the nutrition side of it as well:D


El Guac-Oh
Day 3: Blue-ller Coaster!!

Tons of fun today at Blue...spent all day out there and hit 98% of the single track while avoiding MOST of the fire road. Who wants to climb boring NED's anyway?
I don't know why, but Blue always kicks my ass!! I always finish the ride feeling I rode twice as much as my GPS says.:drooling:
and to make things worse, I forgot my MTB shorts! I grabbed 2 jerseys instead...arghh, riding with boxers is NOT a good idea..my ass is so f-ing sore!
Here are some shots.....




This is what happens when ROLLERS don't cooperate on the Up-Hill...

Found another friend @ Stinger...

and one of BlackBean so he doesn't complain...


That snake rules. The day I stop seeing wildlife out in the woods I am far less happy mountain biking and hiking.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Good deal man, 3-3 so far.

Are those little wheels? I thought you came to the dark side?


El Guac-Oh
i was fully converted, but I got out of shape and started suffering a lot on the big wheels...my big wheels have just 1 gear;)
So I went back to the little wheels.

Tomorrow is BIG WHEEL day :getsome:


El Guac-Oh
Day 4: Seis Milla

So Day #4 took me to Six Mile Run....ahhhh SINGLE SPEED HEAVEN!! :getsome:

Surprise appearance by Woody, also: BlackBean, icebiker (all of who post very little), Jen and yours truly. And I just found out I met pearl too..

17+ miles today, same as Blue yesterday, but today I almost didn't feel tired at all. But in the pain department....ohh, those skinnies weren't too nice to me. I am in more pain today than yesterday and with more scars. I banged up my knee pretty bad falling off a skinny, then at the end of the ride I though I had a spider on the Brake Lever screw on the handle bar, as I was going to clean it I realized it was the piece of skin (with hair!!) missing from my knee :rofl:

On the nutrition department (so Walt doesnt yell at me)
Breakfast: Coffee + Croissant with Egg, Cheese & Bacon (Dunkin Donuts)
Lunch: Corn Chowder Soup + some chicken chipotle sandwich (Panera)
Dinner: Probably some canned soup as I am too tired to cook anything.

Just a couple of pics today....Video to come soon.

Here it is...AIR WOODY

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Team Bulldog Rider
Prolly the only way you really can, by getting lost in the little turny maze section:D


That maze thing is the real deal. I nearly got lost in there. JORBA should make it a haunted maze in October and charge money to ride it! Now that would be a cool fund raiser.


I get just over 17miles by starting from the football fields and heading through the woods, taking the red trail to the canal then heading back inro the woods on the newer trails. Take the trails all the way back to the large river crossing (near where the red trail starts) and then turn around and take the same trails backwards. It's like an out 'n' back of about 17.5miles.


El Guac-Oh
Work sucks!

Day 5....well not to start with excuses, but had a shitty day at work, got home with a pounding headache, went to take a quick nap to recharge, next thing I know is 7pm and I was supposed to over for dinner at my friend's house. I was going to ride there, but it was too late to make it on time...:mad:

And to further piss me off, looks like the Kingdom Trails are getting pounded with rain and my trip up there this Thursday might be only to sit in the cabin and watch the freakin' rain :mad:

Pinche Tlaloc!!


El Guac-Oh
you bailed already! damn. At least you have a bunch of days left!

haha, yeah I know....so much for the long streak...I should go out for a night ride now!!...oh wait, that is illegal :rolleyes:

at least I did the 4mi commute:p
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Mayor McCheese
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Dude it's only 9:30. Get out on the road now. Right now. Stop reading and gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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