LBS to have wheels built?


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Any recommendations on a shop that I can have a set of wheels built at? Morris or Essex county preferred but willing to drive if its worth it. Also I have the rims and hubs, just need spokes and labor any idea what im looking at paying? Never had wheels built so im just curious. I had a bad shop experience last year that left a bad taste in my mouth and really dont know enough to be able to make sure im not getting ripped off.


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Well, not that he needs any more recommendations but if there's still any doubts, @jimvreeland build two wheelsets for me. Both exactly how I wanted them (taking into account his valuable advice) in terms of strength, weight, reliability (and looks too). One was for a long bikepacking race. I did almost 1,300 miles on that wheelset with a 60 lb bike on ST and rattling gravel roads and they stayed absolutely true and trouble-free. After that I used them some more and then sold them on at a decent price without even have to truing them.

The second one was for my fatbike. Again I abused these and the most I was able to do was to chip a front rim. I had 30 lb worth of dumbells and weights taped to the frame and forgot to put more pressure on the tires. When plowed through a rock garden the hit when the front wheel bottom out went through my bones, but the wheel stayed absolutely true and trouble-free. I continued to use it for a good while and also sold it recently in good working condition. In fact, I sold my fatbike because it had that wheelset :)

For me Summit was a trek but it was well worth it.


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This is his company that he just started and built me a set with project 321 hubs. His full time gig is at a shop.
Yes move to Colorado and die happy.
Happy for him. You know where Colin settled down?
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