Latex vs Nitrile vs Vinyl Gloves


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I've never used vinyl, but I've used both latex and nitrile for all kind of car repairs. They both work fine, but I think the latex is a little more prone to tearing. I prefer nitrile (no latex smell, less tearing) but they do cost a little more I believe.


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Latex is weakened by oil/petro, so its not the best. Nitrile holds up better, I like the powder free nitrile gloves.


Nitrile !
I own a furniture refinishing business and we work with metholyne cloride , it will burn your skin upon contact, it will eventually eat through the Nitrile gloves. So using the Nitrile for break fluid will be fine.


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Transdermal absorption is real.

For the occasional work on the bike, ect. its no big deal, but if you work with toxic chemicals on a daily basis, do yourself a favor and get in the habit of wearing gloves.

Bathing your hands in carcinogens on a regular basis isnt a good idea.


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+1 for what Wobblegong said.

Further, I never wore gloves for home mechanical work until my daughter was born. Now, I prefer taking every precaution to keep her from getting needlessly exposed to nasties.

Short Answer: Nitrile

Long Answer follows:
I make drugs for fun & profit (I'm a process engineer in a pharma co), so wearing gloves (and a hazmat suit in many cases) is part of my daily job.

That said:

(1) I find latex more comfortable and more compliant - better for precision work (it stretches more, so you can get gloves to really form fit to your hands).
- latex allergies are real and can be a bitch
- as others mentioned, if you don't get a decent thickness latex, they tear easily
- NO GOOD for many organic solvents (any petroleum base, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, whatever else you maniacs have in your garages). These will turn latex into snot.

(2) Nitrile are good and relatively comfy but less compliant, so its hard to get as good a fit as with latex. However, decent quality nitrile gloves are resistant to most shop chemicals, and are quite durable. Also, allergic reactions to nitrile are pretty uncommon.

(3) Vinyl gloves suck to work with. I use them only when necessary based on chemical compatability.


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yup what they all said i prefer nitrile

i do a lot of work with resin based roofing systems (think fiberglass resin) after a while wear and tear and the chemicals eat through both so i will put on 3-4 pairs at once and use them as peel aways...

nitrile is my covering of choice


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If you asked my shop teacher that I think he would to send you to baking instead of mechanics:D
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