Last Day @ Diablo, Sun 11/1


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ellbiddy (Leo), phathucker (Jay), and I will be at Diablo Sunday.

Look for two white bikes and one, black on black on black bike.

Who else is going to be there? Frank?
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Awesome, what you riding/wearing?

I'll be riding a black Trek hardtail, with some DCU (desert camouflage) pants.
I don't know what shirt/helmet/armor, since a friend is going to let me use his for the day.

Two weeks ago I was on a DH bike (Iron Horse Sunday), so it will be interesting on a hardtail... I think I'll stay on the smooth stuff.
(don't have the money to rent a Sunday again :( )
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Yeah, the place rocked.

I was on my hardtail so I mainly sessioned Dominion and Indy Cross; but I did do Breakout and Alpine quite a bit too. :D
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