Larger, Grippier Front Tire More Difficult to Steer and Control?


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Recently I replaced my front stock 2.25 Trailbear for a Hutchinson Octopus 2.3. Now I find that steering and controlling the bike is more difficult with the larger, grippier Octopus. My turns are not as nimble and require more effort, sometimes to the point that I feel too unstable to continue the turn. Is this a true assessment of having a larger, grippier front tire? jb
unstable how? is the tire washing out in the turns? is it grabbing rocks that it wouldn't have grabbed before? i would personally be more likely to blame tread pattern or tire pressure before i blamed volume.

I'm running the tire at about 35psi. As for unstable, I mean I usually have to put enough effort to oversteer the front tire to change directions. This is really at the heart of my question - all things being equal, is a larger, grippier tire harder to steer than a slimmer, less grippy tire?

If the answer is yes, I guess the first suggestion would be to decrease/increase tire pressure? thanks for all your help
i think he means just physical effort ot turn the bars, possibly at a stop. the faster you go the less you'll notice that, and the more you'll appreciate the extra grip in turns.
slow turns

its definitely the slower turns that i feel the bike requires more effort to steer.

the grippier tire has worked well in just about every terrain except high speeds over large pebbles. Seems the tire knobs are spaced far enough apart that a large, loose pebble can wedge between the knobs and knock the front tire off course. i've had two close calls on descends when first riding this tire
I'd say I agree with Sean - go faster and it should be less of an issue. All tires handle a little differently as well. So it may just take a bit to get used to. You also need to get used to tires sliding a little bit. Nothing grips everything, especially small/losse gravel.
I think its the super, duper, secret rubber compound / durometer Hutchinson uses Norm. When I put on a new set of Hutinson's (fresh rubber) its simply amazing the the grip they have. Mossy, Off Chamber roots roots = no problem! Slippery Rock = Let me at them!

The grippyness of the Hutcinsons will diminish after a month or so.

Huctinson makes great tires.
Maybe I should try them. The Kenda Blue Grooves sucked hairy ass today in the wet rocks/roots.
Hutchinson Octopus

the Octopus is an exceptional tire, corners like nothing else and less rolling resistance than less aggressively nobbed tires. i've been very happy except for the steering issue and will have to change my riding style a bit to accommodate it. will replace the wierwolf on the rear when it wears. the wierwolf is a terrific traction tire too but squirrels too easily on corners (though i am riding 2.1 in the rear)
I have ridden 4 different Hutchinson tires. I love em all. It slips my mind what is on the CX bike but they also make a MTB tire. Holy hell they hook up so damn well. Ill get back to you w/ the name later.
The IRC I tried was so unimpressive it became the front tire of my trainer bike.
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