Lake Placid?


I'm wondering if anyone has been mountain biking in the Lake Placid NY area? My husband (rayder) and I are thinking about planning a trip up there. They say there are many mountain biking trails, but we're looking for technical singletrack.


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never been mountian biking but i have done tons of ice and rock climbing up there great town cool place to hang and all of the local bars have beers from the lake placid brewery look out for the UBU ale!

call these guys
Adirondack Rock and River
Guide Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 219
Keene, NY 12942
(518) 576-2041

although they are climbing guides they know the whole area inside and out


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We have been going there for 20 plus years. There is not much mountain biking inthe area. Some at Mt Van Hovenberg, the cross country ski venue, but not much else to speak of. Great paddling, hiking, climbing and fishing....


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And pretty serious, epic-length Downhill at Whiteface. 2500 foot vertical DH runs, and some nasty, technical trails...


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My in-laws live there. Have been going for years. TONS of trails...tons of singletrack. Stop by Placid Planet bicycles in town...they have maps & can tell you how & where to find the trails. Nearby Saranac lake (10 minutes) also has some good trails on the edge of town.

Also, as others mentioned....Whiteface is EPIC downhill.

Mt. Van Ho has a cross country mountain biking center with a trail network too....
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