Lael Wilcox in our neighborhood today


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I'm sure most of you have heard about Lael's round the world record attempt. She's currently in Hazelton, PA which is roughly 90+ miles away from northern NJ. Judging by her daily mileage, she will be passing by Chester, Summit, Union, etc. some time this afternoon/evening. I think she has a flight booked out of Newark for tomorrow. I was thinking about at least cheering her on if not attempting to ride with her. Anyone thought about that as well?

Here is her tracker.
A fellow rider rode with her a bit last night Hazelton area
We met up in Long Valley and connected to her route in reverse and met up with her around Port Murray. There were some other groups and riders there and even some families with cowbells and kids cheering her on.

She was very appreciative of the company and chatted with everyone who talked to her while casually climbing some steep hills like stephensburg road. Pretty incredible considering she’s already done over 1000 miles since may 26th. She bombed one of the hills like it was nothing I was sure I was gonna get dropped on the rest of the downhills.

There was another group that met us at the top of the climb where we saw @Steve Vai and some others. They had snacks for her and offered us drinks and stuff very cool.

We rode back thru long valley and Chester with here before I peeled off because life happens.I think we did about 10-15 miles with her and the random group it was fun.

Got some cool pics and videos without being too stalkerish. I think. 🤪

Was a really good day. I rode from Summit to Portland, PA to meet her. Got to spend those top miles in a group with just 4 of us so was worth the 65-Mile ride out there.

I didn’t take any pics with her because I always feel weird about that stuff. Benji did though.



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