A strong 7
Basically, the park is broken into three sections:

section 1 - nice climb to the "needle" with three different approaches, and a killer bomb down, plus lots of twisty single track;

section 2 - single and double track not super technical, but a good combination of short climbs and rolling drops and straight aways;

section 3 - more aggressive and technical single track - very fun.

What makes this park great is that you can get in a quick ride after work, or put together a significantly longer one with varying degrees of terrain and difficulty. Sort of a mini moochy sans the commitment to punishment and misery (which we love so much - :twisted: ). There are several roads and cinder trails that intersect the park, so it is pretty har to get hopelessly lost.

FYI, there is a JORBA trail maintenance chapter for the park. Check out www.jorba.org, and TM programs are posted in the forums and calendar sections of the site.
Looking to get in touch with the JORBA rep from Kittatinny. Its my understanding that the Paulinskill Rail Trail is overseen by KVSP. I live near the trailhead and would love to keep the trail open and tidy. The beginning sees the least amount of use and is actually real mountain biking in a few spots.
Keep tuned. We are trying to line up something for this weekend. Waiting for approval from the park.

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