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i heard there was women's only clinic at kvsp this saturday. can someone post the details? my wife is interested in mtb'ing, and this might be a good start. she has a giant hybrid, would this be adequate for the clinic?
Here's a copy of Ellen's post....

Hi all,

I'm Ellen, aka/pixychick. I'm a friend of Jess, and she introduced me to this site. I'm planning a girl's ride next month to help get all the girls out on the trails together for some fun. Please help spread the word. Hope some of you can make it. For any of you racing at Waywayanda, good luck !!

Girls ride at Kittatinny Valley State Park on Saturday May 13. Since we all should be free of domestic and child duties on this great "Mother's Day" weekend, lets do what we really want .... go mountain biking !

Join in on a JORBA / BTCNJ all women's ride. All women leaders and all levels invited, from newbie to beginner racer. OK to bring a friend. Ok to bring your mom. Guys welcome only with notorized release from mom and/or wife.

This ride will take place after the NJ kid's mtb race at 1:00. We will start with one hour of skills practice and then hit the trails at 2:00. Ultra newbies can stay on the rail trail if they wish, but any that want to rock n roll in the singletrack are welcome and encouraged.

Meet in the field lot off Goodale Rd. in Andover. Look for big white Van. For more info contact Ellen at ellenandart@optonline.net
KVSP clinic rocked

I had a fantastic time today at the mountain bike clinic. I learned so much.
There were about 13 riders. All levels. The women leading the rides were experts.
We started at 1:30. We all introduced ourselves and said what we wanted out of the clinic. Then we went on the rail trail and into the woods. We stopped at a trail with a downhill entrance.
The leaders (there were 4 of them) showed us how to do it.
When you go downhill they said to sit far back of your seat. Extend your arms get low and tight on your bike. Then we came to a stack of rocks We like rocks. They showed us to get some speed up and roll over them the bike naturally WANTS to roll over things. Then they showed us how to jump a log. Either roll over it fast or lift your bikes handlebars up a bit as you go over itThen we rode a trail and worked on a very tough uphill. There was a turn before the hill with roots and rocks. It was very hard and only the experts giving the clinic could ride it all the way up. To climb a hill we were told boobs on the tube or eat a cookie. You get low and lean forward. This really helped me to climb some tough stuff. Then we rode up some more I had an expert always around me helping me to remember the techniques that I just learned. We rode more hills and then down a steep narrow hill with a ledge. I practiced leaning back in the seat and closed my eyes, I survived it, some people walked it.
Then we did more riding and ended back at the rail trail at 3:30. Then the group split up. Newbies rode the rail trail and the experts and 4 of us riders rode the race course.. I was mostly last but these ladies are amazingly fast over total tough stuff. They would wait for us 4 not experts now and again.They sometimes rode behind us to help with our form. At the last break Jess – total expert offered me some liquid fuel stuff and I had some and also realized I was exhausted. So another non expert and I rode back to the parking lot. It was 4:10 and I am so tired I can hardly type.
And so very excited that I was able to do this.

Mergs it was an excellent introduction to mountain biking skills and I want to thank Jess and her team for an awesome experience and some new techniques that I can use

Thanks Louise. I am so glad you were able to pick up some new info and technique. You did great as did all those that came out !!! It's amazing what a group of women can get done if they put their minds to it :)

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I'll second Louise's post. The girls clinic/ride was awesome! I believe everyone there had a great time and each rider got something out of it. I know what I need to work on and the skills to get it done. With each ride your skills are improving, so we need to ride more. I'd love to get some more girls out riding together.

As some of you know live near Toms River and usually ride in Ocean/Monmouth Counties. Give me shout if you ever want to come this way for a ride. I usually ride at Allaire, Clayton and occasionally Hartshorne. I'm planning to ride Hartshorne more this year.

Hope to see you guys over the summer. NIce meeting you all. I had a great time!

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