Has anyone here ever raced there? I am trying to decide between Kutztown (Sat) and Crossasaurus (Sun) this weekend, but not doing both. I know there's still time to register, but Kutztown's numbers are not inspiring (only 67 reg'd as of now vs 183 for Crossasaurus). They were initially predicting rain for Sat, but not sure if that would throw numbers off that much.


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Unfortunately I have to work Saturday but going out to Crossasaurus on Sunday (once I actually register). Can't speak for either course but I've heard that Crossasaurus in the past reportedly was relatively fast and flowy with a few fun features thrown in like a hoppable single barrier and recommended by a few. But look at it this way, with 68 total reg'd for Kutztown, better odds for a podium!
I’ve never done Kutztown. Heard that it’s twice as boring as Cooper River with some dumb woopdie doos thrown in to try and make it interesting. But yeah, it is supposedly a good place to get results.
Crossasaurus is a very solid race set in a small park. The Philadelphia Ciclisimo folks have maxed out on course design, turning a site that seemingly holds little potential into a very sold, fun course w a bit of everything sans elevation. It does have some long fairly draining false flats though


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I did Kutztown once, I think. Years ago. It was tortilla flat, filetread fast and it had a spiral-o-death. The race wasn't terrible.As I recall, it was a bike dirvers' course that favored quickness over brute force. Lots of turns but not in a stupid way. Except for the spiral. That was stupid. Also, it's held at a flea market so you might get a chance to score a sweet porcelan kitten ashtray or maybe a strawberry shaped pie cooling rack.